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Zalmen Pollak Tips for Maintenance and Care of Home Appliances

Electronic home appliances have made our life much easier. We are so much dependent on these helping hands that we can’t even think to survive without our tech electronic gadgets for one single day. No matter what is your age, profession, you are using one and another electronic appliance at your home. These electronic machines provide comfort and convenience to do our daily household chores and if something went wrong and these machines stop working that would be really annoying and troublesome. If we do not take care well, these helping hands can go out of function.  We can increase their life by ensuring a good care and correct use. Here are few care and maintenance instructions for various important home appliances that we use in routine to ensure a lengthy life for them.

Zalmen Pollak - home appliances maintenance tips


It’s the most common electronic device found in every home of the world. People use it to keep their eatables and drinks. We load our fridge with as much food items and drinks we can which are not good for it’s functioning. Due to Overload of food items in fridge cool air do not circulate properly. Don’t open its door frequently. Understand the place to keep different food items in your fridge as there is different space assigned for different foods and drinks in the fridge. Cleanliness is important to care that you need to do.

Washing Machine

Read the washing instructions before using your washing machine and stick to it. Do not wash large loads as it will cause the early death of your machine. Smaller loads increase its life.  Never wash your carpets and plastic Matts in the machine. It will destroy the internal body of your washing machine. Clean the inner washing tub of your washing machine with a damp cloth once in a week. It will wipe off the dirt, left threads of clothes and detergent residue. Do not forget to keep the door open after finishing your washing to let the moisture evaporate.


Use only microwave labeled sign utensils in the microwave for cooking and heating the food items. Do not use any metal utensils in the microwave. Don’t heat any packaged food item or beverage inside the microwave. Always remove the aluminum foil from food to avoid any fire hazards in the microwave. Do not cover the top of the microwave when it is in use. Clean the spills inside and outside of the microwave to avoid any awful unpleasant smell.

Taking good care of your home appliance is in your hand and it will increase their operating life too, however, some major technical faults needs to be addressed by experts. Zalmen Pollak is an appliance technician in Monsey, New York. His company Appliance Medic has an expert technician who helps people to restore their broken home appliances. Zalmen Pollak is a philanthropist too as he has extended his hand to teach those who can’t afford outside repair of their appliances. To know more about his company services log on to


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