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Zalmen Pollak- A magician of Electrical Appliance Repair

Home is space where you love to relax and get rejuvenate after long busy working hours. “Home sweet Home” this phrase completely shows the warmth and love we get when set foot in our home. We enjoy with our family and friends and cherish their company in our home. Now if we talk about how we can make the home beautiful place to live? What is the soul of the house? Appliances aren’t it. There are lots of works to be done and managed for a family. Daily household chores raised our brows and to ease the process, we need appliances in our home. Appliances whether Electrical or on natural gas helps to make our work a lot more easy, You might be surprised to know that you can have numerous home appliances which will do household work in no time. These appliances need maintenance and repair in order to work efficiently and smoothly. Where will you repair it, if anyone has stopped working? It will be a whole mess for you if any of your Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave, Dishwasher, Oven, Washer, Dryer, and Ice maker breaks down. You need a professional to repair them.

Zalmen Pollak black and white photo

Zalmen Pollak has solved this question for us; he is renowned Appliance Technician in Monsey, New York.  A businessman, entrepreneur and Philanthropist who has started his carrier in Appliance Repair in 1999. He is the founder of well known appliance Repair Company in Bergen and Rockland counties in the U.S. He managed to make a team of 3 technicians to start his own company Appliance Medic. Zalmen is known for never Die spirit of getting things up and right. He is great music lover and playing orchestra is his passion. He has started a music group to help those people who cannot afford orchestra in their functions. This focused idea of Zalmen worked and this Digital music service has been recognized by 500 fortunes.  Zalmen play for free, just to make people happy.He is a true philanthropist by heart as he is involved in many charities and local community help services.

Appliance medic gives training for repair appliances to less fortunate people who can’t afford repairing their appliance. Isn’t it good idea to help the society?

Of course yes. Zalmen’s team often organise fundraising events for helping needy people in different ways. What kind of great personality he is. Apart from his professional success, he has touched the heart of many people.

ApplianceMedic provides the best repair services you can trust on and Quality you can afford. Team of highly professional people makes technology works for you in an efficient way. They are committed to give service and value. Many satisfactory clients recommending Appliance medic in their circle of friends so if any of your appliance break down, do not hesitate to call ApplianceMedic technicians to get the quality service.

Zalmen Pollak founder of ApplianceMedic promised to give you world class services in repair of your home appliances as he is specialist repair technician.


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